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happy friday | 11.15.12

guess who is coming to see us?
yep, it's my niece and nephews!
and my sister:
and my brother in law:
this is a reason to clap!
there will be lots of this:
and this:
 and this:
 and i guess with seven kids in the house,
there will inevitably be some of this:
but i can't say that i'll mind.
as long as i get to play with this one:
i mean look at that squishy baby skin!!

these were taken the last time my sister and family came to visit,
everyone is a little older now
so i can't wait to add more to the stack!

hope you get surrounded by loved ones this thanksgiving week!
happy friday!


happy friday | 11.2.12

and my five hundred and first post.

i'm about to board my plane to san jose~
i'm so looking forward to the photo shoots booked this weekend!

my first shoot today is of two brothers ages 3.5 and 7. 
so in honor of that,
and in honor of the three brothers and one sister i just kissed goodbye,
i give you this little series of brothers from a recent shoot.

 they posed like this all on their own.

having a brother is a good thing.
even if you get punched in the gut from time to time.
i'm sure at least once you will deserve it.

happy friday y'all! xo. 


happy friday | 10.26.12

(and a little sneak peak of a recent session taken in creston park.)

i have a little crush on these two boys now.

my crush on them has nothing to do with the fact that they remind me of my first two children. ;)
(i can't wait to meet with their parents to show them the rest of the session!)

our weekend ahead happens to be filled with all sorts of parties and engagements.
(abi's last soccer game, two halloween parties, two birthday parties, one baby shower, 
a mother/daughter get-together, an adult party for b and i, our church service, 
dinner out with friends, piano and guitar lessons, and somewhere in there 
we need to fine tune our halloween costumes.)

it's bewitching enough to make a person feel batty. 
(i couldn't help that last statement. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!)

but even when our lives are filled with such a frenetic pace
we can still walk away from the weekend feeling refreshed or somewhat rested
because we've spent our time differently than during the week.

which is why i might particularly love these photos from this session.
because believe me, we had fun on this session. 
the boys ran around, played and spent some good boy energy while we were out shooting.
but in these quick moments, they were still. 
caught thinking.
or perhaps taking a deep breath.

it's a good reminder for me before our weekend schedule begins.

hope you get a few moments like these in this weekend too!!

happy friday! xo.

by the way, this happens to be my 500th blog post!!
is there some sort of award for that?


happy friday | 10.19.12

today, i'm going on a field trip to portland nursery with oliver's class.
every year they put on an extensive apple tasting and dazzle you with all the types of apples that exist.
so, it's officially a happy apple friday!

the fifth graders at sunnyside
learn quite a bit about apples.
 a few weeks ago,
we took another field trip here:
we visited their orchard,
used the apple press to make cider,

(they say the trick to the best cider is to use different types of apples together.)
 we made applesauce
and learned about grafting.
 oliver was able to assist on grafting a branch together.
it almost made me teary to watch.

i didn't really know much about grafting or really even that it was a common practice.
one solid apple tree's root system can grow and support different types of apple branches.
you can cut a branch off it's tree,
glue and tape it to another branch
and it will survive.

i think people are grafted together like that.
makes me especially think of my dear friends who are adopted
or have adopted a child.

that apple trunk gives life to the branch regardless.
it's very life steadily flows out to the branches
sustaining them

without another thought of how they got there.
we can learn so much from nature.

for example, did you know that in order to get the big apples,
you must prune the tree?
you have to take the smaller apples out so that the tree isn't doing too much work.

um. i can relate.

when you do prune the small apples out,
the apples left become that much sweeter.

okay. makes sense.
are you getting this?

there are definitely some lessons to learn here.

at the very least,
i'm feeling like pie should be in the schedule this weekend, aren't you?

happy friday!
and happy fall harvest!!

ps. a little shout out to my dear keri:
so thankful for you!


displaying children's portraits.

how do you fill your children's rooms?
do you let them hang things on their walls?
do you decorate for yourself and your tastes or theirs?
or maybe you've found a happy medium for both of you?

have you ever invested in quality portraiture but then not known where to hang it?
from what i've found, most of us want a family print 
somewhere in the house centrally located,
but beyond that we don't think very far outside the box.

recently i photographed how one of my clients displayed some of their children's portraits.
i thought you all would like to see.

they have three ADORABLE children.
we did a shoot last year and they ordered a bunch of framed prints to hang
along the stairwell. they look great and add nicely to their visual family history on those walls.

but my favorite thing they ordered
were these large canvas prints of each of their children.

let's take a quick tour.
first their son's room:
do you see the print?
don't you LOVE where they hung it?
this guy is a sweetheart, let me tell you! 
he was playing minecraft (my boys' favorite video game)
on the ipad when i came over, but was so willing to let me intrude.

i love how comfortably boyish his room is.
and i love how that bright blue-eyed portrait is one of the first things you see when you enter.

now, this i had to capture while i was there, because i think it says it all:
in his words above: "It meant a lot to me because it is one of my favorite things to do. 
It reminds me of how much my parents love me."

i don't remember what was on the other side of that card hanging down,
but for me, it couldn't have been more poignant.
there right in front of his portrait, the one his parents bought because
they love him so much, 
was this card of him talking about being reminded that they love him.
that to me, is what is hanging a portrait of your kids is all about.
reminding them that you love them.
that their sweet face is the thing you want to see.

there are too many kids in this world that never get photographed at all.
people don't even notice they are there.
honestly, it breaks my heart often to think of it.

but then in contrast, i get to see the beauty of a family
who loves their children so much that they photograph them
and give them a portrait that makes their space their own.

everyone needs that type of space.
do you see the next sweet little portrait?
the girls share a room, but in it there is defined space by both of their portraits.

in my few moments with the girls,
i love how they shifted from so silly and fun,
to quiet and still.

i think that is what personal space does.
it allows you the freedom to be who you are and feel what you feel.
and even in sharing a room,
there is no question as to whose space is whose.
from a quiet reading corner...
to jumping on the bed.
these kids are loved.
and i love that there is a little piece of my work in their rooms
that remind them of that love.

hanging your child's portraits in their room says this to them:
you live here.
this is your space.
and you are very loved.
what child wouldn't want that??

okay. i'm off to order canvases for my own kids! ;)
thanks to gina + eric for allowing me to come photograph your portraits!
(and your family in the first place!)
thanks for the inspiration!