happy friday | 10.26.12

(and a little sneak peak of a recent session taken in creston park.)

i have a little crush on these two boys now.

my crush on them has nothing to do with the fact that they remind me of my first two children. ;)
(i can't wait to meet with their parents to show them the rest of the session!)

our weekend ahead happens to be filled with all sorts of parties and engagements.
(abi's last soccer game, two halloween parties, two birthday parties, one baby shower, 
a mother/daughter get-together, an adult party for b and i, our church service, 
dinner out with friends, piano and guitar lessons, and somewhere in there 
we need to fine tune our halloween costumes.)

it's bewitching enough to make a person feel batty. 
(i couldn't help that last statement. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!)

but even when our lives are filled with such a frenetic pace
we can still walk away from the weekend feeling refreshed or somewhat rested
because we've spent our time differently than during the week.

which is why i might particularly love these photos from this session.
because believe me, we had fun on this session. 
the boys ran around, played and spent some good boy energy while we were out shooting.
but in these quick moments, they were still. 
caught thinking.
or perhaps taking a deep breath.

it's a good reminder for me before our weekend schedule begins.

hope you get a few moments like these in this weekend too!!

happy friday! xo.

by the way, this happens to be my 500th blog post!!
is there some sort of award for that?


Angie Davis said...

cool! happy 500!!

and i thought we were busy! i don't even know how it is physically possible to do all of those things!!

you continue to inspire me btw. i've really been wanting to have the "neighborhood" over for chili on halloween. that night isn't going to work - yet - but it has turned into moms and kids over for muffins and coffee for now.
i hope you do somehow feel refreshed come monday. xoxo!

Jean Joiner said...

love those baby blues...happy 500! wow.

keri said...

500 whoa! you're pretty awesome. happy halloweeny.