about me:

i've been typing away on this little old blog since 2005.
i've renamed it at least twice now.

i guess you could say, it's something i love to do.
to me blogging is about thinking and connecting at the same time.

some of my closest friends don't read my blog~
and i don't care at all.
i connect with them in other ways.

but blogging here is a way that i process life,
share my work,
and keep in touch with friends and family.

i've asked myself many times why in the world i would want to keep blogging
and i sorta feel like i don't have a choice.
and so it goes.

here are some other details about my life:

this is the man i've been married to since 1997:
 (pictured with our beautiful border collie, stella.)

below is a picture from a getaway together in hawaii 2010:
(as you can see, we really needed it.)
and here is my life in action:
our four kids: nicholas 2000, oliver 2001, abigail 2004, elliot 2007

they are my world.
and my favorite subjects to photograph.

thanks for visiting.
xo. katie