eyes to see:

i want to be able to see more than what's right in front of me.
and then again,
sometimes what's right in front of me is exactly what i need to see.
in a real way.

recently, a friend asked me what i love about my job as a photographer.
i paused for a minute.

then i said,
what i love is when i see in a picture
more than is there.

a gesture.
or a look.
a pause.

some slight detail that gives me hope.

when i'm on a photo shoot with a family,
i'm often hoping for more than a great pose.
i'm not looking for anything 'perfect.'

and i guess when it comes down to it,
what i'm looking for everyday,
and what i'm hoping to show on this blog

is a piece of hope
something beautiful
in this often broken world.

i believe there is Beauty to be seen.
Truth to be found.
and Hope to be born.

if only we have
eyes to see.