what does "on location" photography mean?

many photographers have a studio.
i do not.

(though i do toss the idea around in my mind from time to time 
because of portland's unpredictable weather.)

but there is something quite magical about photo shoots done 
~on location~
that i feel wouldn't happen in a studio setting.

especially when that location
is your own home.

choosing your home as your location for a photo session,
brings a deep sense of place to the entire family
but also makes a lasting record of your personal history.

i was thinking about this family in particular when contemplating this:
they chose photo sessions in their home three times with me.
three times, they welcomed me into their lives in an intimate way.

they are now moving to a different home.

i know everyone isn't as sentimental about homes as i am.
i tend to think less of the walls and square footage,
and more of the life that was lived there.

i think of the laughter and tears.
the perfect hiding spots.
the meals shared.
the neighbors loved.
the steps that little ones first crawled up, 
then walked and then bounded up.
the sidewalk chalk drawings.
and the wrestling matches.

believe me, 
i get teary when we move.

so, to see these photos of this dear family
taken on the sidewalk,
the yard,
a favorite walk across the street,
and the front porch,
makes me happy that they chose to share their home with me
during our photo shoot.

and i'm thrilled their girls will have these photos that show their home
from their baby and toddler years.
i hope it's a treasure to them.

and i wish them the best
as they begin their next chapter
in their new home.

(xo. fullers!! you are always a joy to be with!)


Miss Mommy said...

Exactly my thoughts as I cry reading your post. It's been a wonderful home so full.

Brian the Husband said...

we're never moving again! sniff sniff

Jean Joiner said...

I love that last photo...such a sweet moment.

Meg said...

You always make me cry!!!!! In a good way! Home IS the space in between the walls..so precious.

keri said...

oh so lovely, words and photos together. i love their home. i want to live there.

Mike said...

Thank you for helping us capture some small moments in our lives at our first home. I feel the same way about it as you do, and it was a hard decision to make to move, bit something that we needed to do. We will see you again to capture more moments in our lives - love your work! ;)