open space

we live in a four bedroom house which is really quite spacious for our area of california. although there are five of us, our children are in the small stage of life. our house is usually very loud or very peacefully quiet--and very rarely inbetween. at night, we play "musical beds" where we trade sleeping buddies and end up in each others beds. but typically the boys sleep together in nick's room and abigail weezles her way inbetween brian and me. i've joked that we could really fit in a two bedroom home if we wanted because we end up sleeping in just two rooms!

for the last two weeks we've had our families visiting us. our house has been full with every bed and bedroom being used. my sister and her family just left us this morning and walking back into the house with just my three little ones makes me feel like we're small again. and my house feels big.

the years will go by and my children will grow bigger. the boys won't want to sleep in the double bed together anymore. abigail will want her own space. i guess our late night games of musical beds will be finished. and i think my house might feel too small at times too. but, i imagine not too far beyone that, my children will be leaving to explore their own lives. and my house will be big again...just like it feels today.

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