The final hoop has been jumped through. Brian just called to tell me that his very last exam was complete. He finished his last seminary class ever. Can I say that again? He finished his last seminary class!!!!

I have watched this man tackle six years of seminary. All but one of those years were completed while working full time(in two different jobs), having three children and helping them through the toddler years, living in four new homes and two new cities, and last but not least, his recent accomplishment of becoming ordained! WHEW!

We're not the only ones who have ever done things like this. It's not that unusual for people our age to endure this much transition. But, I still wanted to take a moment to publicly say how proud I am of him. In my eyes, he just accomplished a major feat and did not abandon his call to his family in the process. This is admirable to me.

So, the end of seminary is here, just as Brian and I are approaching our ninth anniversary. (Wednesday... May 24th) I have watched him grow these years more and more in his servanthood, love for me and our kids, and his willingness to seek forgiveness and forgive. I'm amazed. I really know him. I see his junk and can be harder on him than anyone. Yet, even still I can say he is truly a great husband and father! I'm thankful to God for keeping us in His grace... and for bringing us to THE END of this road!


Erwin Fletcher said...

Yes, he is a great dude, you are blessed.

Angie Davis said...

Hooray! We are so happy that we have been a part of not only seeing you guys through the end, but also the beginning of a new chapter! The Higdon's love y'all!

kc said...

whohoooo!! FINALLY!! no more complaining kate! ha. :)

JenMom said...

Congratulations! Are you guys job hunting now?
BTW, I LOVED your blog about your mornings. As I was tiptoeing at 5:30 to get an early riser into my bed before he could wake the others and watched my husband crawl past the bed to get to his sock drawer I thought we were the only crazy, sleep deprived folks. Now I know we are normal!