sex talk

i can't be as open as i'd like in describing this talk because, really, it's a blog and i don't want to make anyone blush. i have to remember how being a mother three times has desensitized me towards bodies and bathrooms and all that happens in between. everything has become less sacred and way less private. (in fact, i think i'm going to begin putting hash marks on the wall for every single time i get to use the bathroom in private... it's safe for me to do this because, IT NEVER HAPPENS!)
so i'll be more subtle as i write about having a sex talk with the boys. questions have arisen often through the past years, but my new approach is honesty. so, two days ago, while i was giving the boys a bath, they began noticing the "finer print" down there and began asking what the specific parts were for. the answer to those questions led to more details about eggs and sperm and how babies are made. the next question (without using the terminology they used) was, "you mean "certain parts" have to touch?"
i kept my slight sense of panic to myself and answered. "yep." i was bracing myself for the next question knowing we were approaching a very steep hill of questions and i would soon have to lie or end this by talking about superman or something. but, nicholas just said, "eew." and then said, "hey oliver, make your guys rescue mine now." (they were playing with some rescue men in the tub.)
i was thankful that the rescue mission ended the conversation where it was, but i was also thankful that it went so well. there have been many times in the past where i try to cover up things or change the subject. but honesty and correct terminology seemed to work really well this time. so, it's my new policy. (within reason, of course.) i just want them to find their answers here and not from some 4th grader with a big sister. there is nothing like parenting to make you feel like your winging it all the time! little by little, i suppose my boys will be more informed hopefully by us as we pray God protects them and guides them-- as well as us!


keri said...

so how did bp miss out on all this conversation? sounds like you handled it with dignity. i would've freaked...on the inside...you did great though. thank goodness for those rescue heroes...they do come in handy sometimes. your hero!

G. Twilley said...

holy wow bat(wo)man. That's a lot for us to look forward to. The talk...not the actual sex. I mean. We're married.
Good to see you're back to writing. La will probably kill me if she see's this comment;-)

kevin beck said...

That's great. We have 3 kiddos, and we've found that straight talk is the best talk. They can handle it.

Blessings to you.