warning: delinquent tooth fairy

speaking of teeth, you know that nicholas lost his second tooth two nights ago. he was thrilled. he stayed up late writing a note and making an envelope for the tooth fairy to find. he colored picture instructions on the note including: a little fairy, a tooth, some money (a bill and coins, mind you), and two boys sleeping in bunk beds. it's all too adorable.
as we were heading to bed (remember, he asked for a shark's tooth necklace one more time?) he realized that oliver, who was already asleep, wouldn't see his tooth. nicholas felt sure that oliver would be devastated to miss out on that. i kept thinking he'd be fine, but finally agreed to let nic try and wake o up. it was a hilarious failed attempt. he shook his head, tried to lift his eye lid, and got real close to his ear to say his name. oliver was NOT budging. finally, i had to put an end to the torture for fear that he finally would wake up devastated by what i was allowing his brother to do and NOT AT ALL interested in the tooth nicholas wanted to show him.
so, sweetly, nicholas decided to wait until the next night to make the tooth fairy exchange.

last night was dale's final night visiting us. we decided to go out to eat, we came home late, the kids were tired and dirty, we rushed them to bed without baths, etc., etc. never once did the tooth come up. not once.
i had a fleeting thought as i was falling fast asleep that nicholas may have gotten it, but i assured myself he did not. i knew for sure that envelope was nestled up on the shelf we put it on for safe keeping. he couldn't have reached it. he couldn't have remembered.

oh, but he did. and just as i was having a proud mommy moment for making my kids blueberry pancakes for breakfast this morning, he rushed in the kitchen after just waking up and showed me the once taped up envelope that was now torn open and said, "mom, she didn't come!" he wasn't mad or sad, just disappointed.
my eyes flew open. i said, "nic, i wonder what happened..." as i thought, "oh, my gosh, you have to be kidding, he remembered and none of us knew... how horrible! what the heck am i going to tell him?!"
and then nic said, "i guess it could have fallen into the crack."
"maybe so," i replied, "we'll just have to try again tonight."

i guess even the tooth fairy can be disappointing...i wonder how she'll make it up to him?
we should have known, nicholas rarely forgets anything!!


keri said...

what a crappy tooth fairy. :) ella was running around at the park with grace yesterday and they were playing fairies. grace was peppermint fairy and i asked ella what fairy she was. she said "tooth fairy". cute. maybe ella the tooth fairy would've done a better job. am i making you feel worse?

i'm always hoping that my dish fairy will come and do the dishes...he forgets often. yes, it's a HE. :)

G. Twilley said...

You just better hope that Nic doesn't read your blog - he's a pretty sharp guy...

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh Nooooo!!!
Should the TF have to pay a late fee???

Mike and Lindsay Murphy said...

I am laughing b/c the tooth fairy forgets my kids teeth ALL THE TIME! We got teeth falling out all over the place around here....and I think we need to hire a new fairy for our zip code b/c this one is TOTALLY unreliable!