it's one thirty in the morning... i think i'm finally done packing. there aren't many trips that i take when i get to bed much earlier. i'm such a procrastinator.

my little ones are tucked in quietly. we let them stay up late a watch a movie tonight after we all went out to dinner. we enjoyed spending time with them today. and of course by bedtime, things were really tender. the boys held on just a little tighter when we said good night. we could feel them fighting their heavy eyelids. but pretty quickly, the three of them fell asleep. there aren't too many more beautiful things in this world than watching your own children sleep. it defines peace.

it's always hard for me to walk away. i get so excited about leaving, but then so teary when it comes time. brian teases me, but i think he likes that aspect of me. (probably because i do it when i leave him too!) i'm sure it will be so hard for me to say good bye tomorrow. the kids keep asking why we have to go without them. i find it difficult to help them understand why it is so vital to our marriage to be alone. but, one day they will understand.
we will love our time alone.
we will love coming home to our little ones.



keri said...

i cry too. i know what you mean. its a mom thing i guess. do some hula dancing for me, ok? love!

Anonymous said...

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Jean Joiner said...

have so much fun and take some photos!

Anonymous said...

it's a good thing your guys got out before the earthquakes hit! I hear it was a very hard time there.