four days

in just four days, brian and i will be taking off for a week in Hawaii! thanks to angie and bryan, papa and dado, and christi for holding down the fort! needless to say, we are THRILLED! it's actually, honestly hard to imagine right now- there is so much to be done to get things in order for us to leave: schedules, instructions, groceries, cleaning, lists galore, PACKING :), etc. i've kinda been so focused on getting out the door, that i've almost forgotten where i'm going. today i must order a few novels to bring and schedule a pedicure!! (i know, i know, now you're really feeling sorry for me!) (i'd welcome book recommendations too, i definitely want to get another anne lamott novel, i just read "traveling mercies" not too long ago and LOVED it...)

i'm totally looking forward to all of the typical wonderful things about a relaxing vacation, but way beyond that i'm so excited about just being with brian. our marriage has definitely been "squeezed" in the past years by so much transition (7 moves and almost 4 babies in 9 years... whew.) that needless to say, it's easy to crawl into that routine rut and survival mode which doesn't do a whole lot to create a thriving marriage. Yet, in the midst of all the past craziness, my love for that guy just grows and grows. i know God deserves all the credit for this... brian and i equally bring our baggage to the table and equally cause problems in our marriage... we are selfish and unconcerned for the other, but God stops us and reminds us because we are forgiven we can forgive and because we are loved so much, we can love.
so, i'm not sure how my post on HI turned into this little marriage testimonial, but i'm just so humbled by what God has given me in brian and just so thankful that i get to celebrate with him this next week!
(oh, and if you remember, PLEASE say a prayer that my kids would do well for our dear friends and family... what an amazing gift they are giving us to allow us to get away like this!!!)


keri said...

ok, you are on a roll with the blogging thing. you gonna blog from hawaii and tell us all about it and make us jealous?

Jean Joiner said...

i'm already jealous. i'm so happy ya'll will be able to get away...you deserve it!

Dado said...

You ARE on a roll & we appreciate it! Thanks for this little window into the Prentiss household.....& your uterus!!

G. Twilley said...

Sounds wonderful! You asked for book recs:
The Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini; One Hundred Years of Solitude by Gabriel Garcia Marquez; The Memory Keepers Daughter by Kim Edwards [I haven't read this, but La told me it was good]; The Time Traveler's Wife by Audrey Niffenegger [unfortunately, I never had the opportunity to read this as it burned with all of La's Sister's stuff in Pioneertown, CA. However, Laura said it was a GREAT book. I was upset that I didn't get to read it too].

Hope this is a helpful list. I added links to Amazon so you could point, click, and buy. I love the internet!

JenMom said...

Love that you are getting away. Love your marriage testimonial. Love the reminder to treasure my gift of a husband and praise the Giver!

jess said...

I was just about to post The Memory Keeper's Daughter as a rec and saw that Gene had already done that ;) I just started it and like it so far. Also, have heard that Water for Elephants is good. Home is Always the Last Place You Left by Smartt...kind of a lauren winner type memoir, but she's from AL! Lauren Winner actually wrote a review on the back of the paperback. The Red Tent by Anita Diamant is an interesting historical fiction story on the family of Jacob.