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i was wondering if anyone had some recommendations for us. we need new towels, new pillows and a new decent baby stroller. i know some of these can be a matter of taste, but i thought if you had a brand or type you loved, i'd love to hear about it.

specifically, our strollers are ALL on their last leg or wheel. we have the old infant seat/stroller combo that we got with nic that we accidentally/thankfully left in a rental car. we have two umbrella strollers that are tearing. and we have two double jog strollers (i know that's random) that both work pretty horribly. i've noticed that they now make strollers with a pivoting front wheel instead of our type where you have to push down on the handle to get it to turn at all. i can't decide if i should try a sit or stand ride along type, if i should go for a decent double (abigial will be almost three when the baby is born) or just get a nice single stroller for our last little guy. (i prefer to push one child, but would like our toddler to have some restraint at times...)
anyway, if anyone reads this, just let me know what to buy. :)


keri said...

no advice from this mom who has a cheap a** (can i say this?) walmart umbrella stroller that frustrates the heck out of me and i have a huge double stroller that was borrowed cuz we are cheap cheap cheap. but i have appreciated the double stroller. and i would advise that.

Crystal said...

We love our ridealong attachment by Litaf - ordered online. Maybe by the time you are due the girls will be past stroller rides. But if not you could at least borrow it and try it out.

Jean Joiner said...

baby bargains is a great book, even better than consumer reports when it comes to kids stuff. althougth they did recommended the combi stroller that i have. it was around $100. it's wonderfully compact and lightweight, like they said, but you can fit nothing in the basket underneath and there are no cup holders or snack trays. i ended up buying a baby trend stroller at a consignment sale for $10 that is crappily made, but it's still fairly compact and it's got a huge basket underneath, great cupholders and a great snack tray. i love having it and haven't used my combi since. i will say that i have a friend with twins that has the side by side combi and loves it and her's has a snack tray for the kids and nice sized baskets underneath. i know a lot of people that swear by peg perego...but it's pricey. craig's list would be good to look at for that. i have several friends that have bought double strollers from the peg line. you could also sign up for consumer reports online for a one time use fee and see what they say.

for jog strollers we have the baby jogger brand and i love it. they are very lightweight and easy to turn. we got ours for $45 on craig's list. my friend has the double from that same company and really likes hers too.

as for towels...i don't like ours either. one of my friends had the kassatex platinum collection towels and i loved them. i wrote down the name so i can get them when we need new towels.

i have no idea on pillows.

happy shopping!!
love you