who's counting?

3 very excited children.
14 Christmas parties to attend or host.
178 presents to wrap or ship.
75 Christmas cards to send out.
1 day to take the picture and make it happen. (if you're left out, this is why... sorry!)
1 messy house to pick up.
52 loads of laundry.
22 garbage cans to empty.
1 little hamster to leave behind.
320 dirty dishes to clean up.
9 bags to pack...(at least).
3 little backpacks to fill with treasures for travel.
3 outfits the children will sleep in and wear the next morning.
28 lists to check once and then twice.
1 alarm set for 3:45.
1 sweet friend willing to drive us to the airport.
2 planes, 3 landings for the trip southeast.
2 wonderful families to visit at Christmas.
5 opportunities to open gifts.
4 states to travel in.
19 prayers whispered for safe travel.
28 prayers whispered for peaceful travel.
2 or 3 rental cars along the way.
3 sleepy, excited, restless, great children to be with.
1 new stroller for two kids to ride in.
1 great dad who will still probably carry more than his own body weight.
1 pregnant mom who never exaggerates numbers!

13 hours until we leave!

There is never enough time to see our dear family, but we're thankful to have the vacation time and money to make it happen. The energy levels here are high for the family members that need it the least. We leave around 4 tomorrow morning, but Nicholas is adamant about calling it "TONIGHT!" because we're waking them up while it's still dark.

I'll try to fill you in as we go!! Merry Christmas!


G. Twilley said...

Your posts have been blogarific prolifica [I've wanted to use this phrase for some time]. I'm excited to read about what'll happen because it reminds me of how excited I was for travel and for Christmas

Dado & Papa said...

And Two Mobile grandparents just as excited as the children!!!

keri said...

and what about 4 anxiously awaiting friends in georgia who can't wait to see you! :) safe travels to you all.

G. Twilley said...

If you're reading this and you didn't get a Christmas card from the Prentiss caravan, let me know.

We received two:-).

jess said...

gene...we received 2 as well!
maybe snapfish sent everyone two copies! hope you guys don't get double-charged !