on politics???!

Watch out, this may be a rare thing coming from me. As I've grown through high school and college, I've remained naive and oblivious about politics. The older I've gotten the more I've felt guilty about my lack of knowledge. The ironic thing is that I married a Political Science major with a close secondary degree in history. He is brilliant in my estimation... and completely culturally aware. In his kind and gentle way, through almost 10 years of marriage, he's drug me along with him and has forced my mind and our conversations to areas I never thought I'd touch. But here I am.
In these later years, I find that the more I know about our current political situation, the more disillusioned I become. I can't swallow the extremities that seem to represent the left and the right. I used to be blindly "right wing" captivated by what I thought was my moral duty to be on that team. Now, I could care less if either party existed. It seems our America is just constantly polarized and reinforced in that position by propaganda spewing from both sides. Democrats and Republicans seem happy for us to hate the other. The saddest part is that often Christians seem the most hateful and disgusted. I was one of them years back.

Today, I read in the Atlantic, the smarty pants magazine that Brian gets, an article on politics that actually excited me. (I actually used up the 10 or so minutes that I could have slept, reading it.) I have been known to say recently, that I would love to see a presidential ticket during this next election that had a liberal Republican and a conservative Democrat listed against each other. I wanted to see everyone dazed and confused by their typical voting strategies abolished by these candidates mixing it all up. I would laugh at this idea, because everyone knows it would never happen. But, something better (possibly) is happening. It's called Unity 08.
Please read about it if anything I've shared resonates with you. Their idea is for us to choose a candidate... and for the ballot to be balanced with a Republican and Democrat. This could seriously change our American politics! Wouldn't it be fun to know that you've actually influenced who was on the ballot and that the issues the candidates discussed were ones that mattered?
Let me know what you think if you check it out!


Angie Davis said...

hmmm.... I am interested. and that deserves a ???! too.

keri said...

wow, a political post? what is this bloggity world coming to...i will have to check this out.

jess said...

very interesting. this has really been on my mind a lot lately. i owe a lot to my hubby, too, for his guidance and awareness that has helped me start to form my own opinions in this-instead of blindly "hitching my wagon" as bp puts it :)