brothers and sister

Big brother Oliver
Big brother Nicholas
Big sister Abigail

Many of you have wondered how the "big" kids have taken to the littlest one. The pictures below are of the kids first visit to the hospital the day Elliot was born. They were so intrigued. All of them asked to hold their brother, but unfortunately, Abigail had a cold that day (that was quickly passed to Oliver) so you can see Brian holding her arm back a little!
We brought Elliot home the next night and Nicholas was the only one who was able to stay awake to greet him. He had a smile from ear to ear the entire time he was with Elliot. Since then, the kids check on the baby and I periodically during the day. The boys always ask to hold him and are so anxious to "walk around with him." I'm not quite ready for that yet, though I think they could do a good job. I plan on teaching Nicholas how to change a diaper really soon! Oliver loves to touch Elliot's skin and is always so careful to wash his hands each time. Abigail comes into my room and asks, "Where's your baby Aleeot?" She wants to hold him, tickle him, kiss him and hug him. Needless to say, we're anxious for her cold to subside so that she really can smother him with her sweet love.
The first week home has been relatively peaceful for me thanks to Dale, Brian's sweet mother who's been running the whole household with grace and patience, Christi who has continued teaching the boys, and my hard working husband! The kids have been so happy and I've been able to fall in love with my little snuggle bug.


Anonymous said...

so sweet, all of yous!! thanks for sharing with us so quickly, katie! -much love, peggy

keri said...

wow. you have a lot of kids :) it's really fun to see 4 little kt's and bp's!!

jess said...

you two sure do make cute babies :)

terriblespeller said...

I love the last pic! It's amazing how much all your kids look alike! Congrats!