we call her dado.

she mothers us all.
she loves well.
she serves constantly.
she puts others first.
she is beautiful.
she is available.
she is strong.
she is steady.
she forgives.
she laughs with us.
she cries with us.
she prays with us.

just missing you and giving thanks for you dado!


keri said...

the 4th one is my favorite. they are all great though. dado...you are sooo loved!!!

Dado said...

KT, My, oh, my.
What a wonderful daughterinlove God has given me.
Thanks for sharing your husband, yourself and your children so unselfishly w/ ME.

Jean Joiner said...

Dado is wonderful! I love the last photo. Elliot is so big holding his head up! Wow!

Wendy said...

Your pictures are beautiful!

Ginny said...

this is me commenting from across the room. i'm doing my part to help you make your goal. seriously, i love all the new pics!

G. Twilley said...

seriously, your pictures are so good. You're doing a wonderful job at capturing subtleties that make moments sincerely great. Keep up the good work!

Laura Herrmann said...

Katie, I think that these are your best so far! I love your angle. I feel like I am right there participating.