five (tomorrow).

you bring such sweet love to our lives~
happy five months little man!

in case i forget to tell you:
elliot, you are the sweetest baby. usually, you are just so happy to hang out where we all are. and if someone should pause to chat, you light up... which makes all of us visit with you often! sometimes, i fear you are getting smothered to death because we can't stop kissing you. everyday, i am so thankful that God gave you to us. most likely, you will be the child that is last to leave our home. i think about that quite a bit and it makes me happy.
you make me happy.
i love you so.


Dado said...

Hey my buddy!!! You are growing soo fast!
How happy he is!
What a great "baby book" you are making for E.

Our Family of Five said...

He does look like the sweetest baby. Great pictures......as always. :)

Angie Davis said...

oh my. i can almost hear him through the screen.
he looks so cuddly.

Laura said...

You are a great mama! I love your laughter, Elliot!

Jean Joiner said...

What a cutie! I miss seeing him light up. :)

keri said...

i can't believe its been 5 months since i've seen that little guy! i just want to squeeze him. such a sweet note to your boy.

- blogophobe - said...

five months...amazin.
i can't wait to get home so i can make him 'light-up'.

jess said...

i love that your kids all have those eyes...i imagine if i met them as grown ups having not seen them for years, i would recognize them! such beautiful children they are!