just us again.

(his right toe is just like his mama's!)

my sister's sweet family left us today after visiting for a week. we obviously took pictures together and these were some i loved at first glance.
we will miss them! their little one just fit right in with his cousins!

i hope to share more details about our summer soon as well as more photos!


Our Family of Five said...

LOVE the picture of the feet. I love how you compose your shots. I'm trying to learn how to blur the background more. I mean I can do it some, but I want a LOT more blur. I'm wondering if people use photo shop for this or something like it? Because I just can't seem to get it with my camera. Anyway, the pictures look great......as usual. :) And, it's always fun to spend time with sisters. Blessings to you!

keri said...

i was hoping to see pics of them!
how was cousin camp? :)

Laura said...

Okay, when are you openning for business. These are really good, Katie. Especially nos. 1, 3, and 4. Good job, friend.


Angie Davis said...

so sweet. glad you got some time w/ them.
jean's toes are your toes.