sweet gifts.

this one was from oliver~ given to me one day early.
all of it tucked into that little decorated envelope...
a beautiful picture, a lollipop, and wrapped up all tight in that white piece of paper is...
a penny. it might just be the cutest darn gift i've gotten.
and i felt it was all i needed!

this would be from my always biggest boy, nic~ so fancy with block letters, cut out balloons and ribbon to boot. i could tell he really tried to make my birthday special with this one.
how can hallmark ever compete with something this lovely??

and this is the ooh~la la gift: a sparkly, shiny, music playing thing.
see that guy behind it? he gave it to me because he likes to do things to make me smile.
it's in my ears right now. playing mindy smith because she makes me happy
and i get to see her in concert in september.
the first song downloaded was joss stone's tell me 'bout it.
it doesn't get more funky fun soulful than that.

i am one happy 34 year old.
thank you everyone for birthday wishes, hugs and thoughtfulness!


Angie Davis said...

no, hallmark could never compete.
you finally got an ipod! just what you need these days. you can listen big black horse (or i guess tell me about it these days) all you want w/o O telling you to stop.

sounds like your days was wonderful.
much love from this side.

keri said...

YAY YAY YAY for you!!! such sweet homemade cards, i love those! and love your new shiny white music playing thingy!!!! rusty just got one too, finally!! you will love it.

Jean Joiner said...

congratulations on your ipod...now you have all things mac.

Laura said...

I know those artists. They are some of the best in my opinion! Keep on rockin', girl.