r.i.p. ketchup

(oliver's 5th bday, moving ketchup in.)

when oliver turned five, we bought him a hamster. he has always wanted a furry friend. cat, dog, hamster, whatever... he just wants to snuggle with something. he has at least 13 stuff animals in his bed with him every night. he'd prefer a cat over other animals; i'm allergic to cats. i'm the hurdle to all his dreams coming true. :) once, he tried to convince me to buy him a cat by telling me that the cat could live in his room and i just wouldn't be able to come in there. i felt loved.

being that we rent our home and our landlords won't allow any real snuggly pets, we thought oliver's pet desires would be pacified with a hamster. he named him ketchup and he was scared to hold him.
(oliver in mourning. can you see it in his eyes?)

ketchup hung in there with us for a year and a half. he died this past weekend. oliver said it was the saddest day of his life. he wailed. we spent some time saying goodbye and then had the burial the next day, with a real live pastor officiating the "service." :) that night, when all the kids were tucked into bed, we heard oliver crying in his bed saying, "un-bury ketchup, un-bury ketchup, un-bury ketchup." pretty sad, eh? he wanted to keep him. i guess we could have offered to have him stuffed and mounted, but ewww. i told him we could frame a picture of him in his room as an alternative.
(the stinky little guy.)

fyi, we don't recommend a hamster as a pet. they stink, make a big mess and are nocturnal. b did all the hamster care so we were kinda relieved when he died~ cold hearted parents that we are. do not tell oliver!!!


Our Family of Five said...

Ketchup was cute, but I agree about the not getting a hamster as a pet. I don't care for the stink or the mess. :)

By the way, I left you an award on my blog. :)

keri said...

aw, i remember meeting ketchup. kinda. i actually was so unaware that he was even there....it seemed that no one paid attention to him. so that photo of o, is he holding the dead ketchup?? eew.

i am sad for o....the un-bury him quote is just soooo sad!!

ella asked for a hamster the other day. thanks for the advice!

Lizard said...

Sam says to tell Oliver "I'm sorry your hamster died. I know you took good care of him."

Liz says-rough weekend. When I was little I had a hamster 'get sick'. So my Dad came home and told me he took him to the vet and the vet had to put him down. In reality my dad just pulled to the side of the road and released the hamster off the side of a Texas highway.

Hilda Rebecca said...

So sad! But I understand, from experience, your relief! Thankfully, no one here is allergic to cats...so we have three! I also can relate to the stuffed animal thing, too! Only 13??? Poor deprived child! He He!
Oh, I saw your blog from Lynn's and I love it! I will surely visit when time allows!

Angie Davis said...

oh no, not ketcup (really, oh no, not sweet oliver!). i can see it in his eyes - it made me teary. i remember the day you guys got him (O's b'day) and O asking how long he would live and you saying about a year....and then O saying "do you mean he will die on my birthday"?! I'm gald he hung in there a little longer.
but i'm happy for you and bp. one less thing to worry about w/ your new KISS motto.

Angie Davis said...

oh, and yes, he is holding him - eeww! but then again, it IS Oliver. i'd much rather see that than him holding a slug.

jess said...

those eyes!!! how pitiful!
bless his heart.

thanks for the hamster advice...we're in the same boat here...allergic to cats and some dogs...needing some small, easy to manage pet ideas!

G. Twilley said...

I had it much easier. Mine road away on a tricycle. That's what my dad told me anyways...

Maybe you guys could get him a virtual pet...wrap it in fur...might be nice:-)

Laura H. said...

All appropriate condolences to you and your family. Oliver can come take care of our cat anytime he wants.

I'd like to hear more on you KISS kick.

The Hiatt Family said...

Oh, Poor fella. I dread the day that our dog Lucy passes on; Carver loves the drama and I can just hear him saying the same thing. I'll pray for Oliver's sweet heart.