run away.

is it wrong to share something that my child asked me not to? even if it's really cute? even if he probably wouldn't care down the road?
he's embarrassed and doesn't want anyone to know.... even asked me not to tell b .

so that i won't technically betray his trust, i can just tell you a story about a kid in the neighborhood instead. named...ummm, how about "o-ster."
o-ster was having a full and fun day. he had two kids come to play at our house, he got to watch a tv show to relax later, and then he went to play with a friend down the street for a while as well. after his mom came to pick him up, she could tell he was tired. he riding his scooter without his helmet which isn't allowed in his family, but his mom allowed him to finish his short ride home anyway. (she can be lenient at times.)

as o-ster reached his driveway, he kept going past. his mom quickly told him to come back because he didn't have his helmet on. he stopped looked back and said, "mom, i'm running away."
his mom said, "well, okay, just get your helmet before you run away."
another neighbor who frequently walks his dog past their house looked up amused and smiled. and the mom smiled in return, because it was all pretty cute.
o-ster got upset and said, "moooooom, why are you smiling when i'm trying to run away?!"
ignoring the question, his mom said, "you can go, but we will all be very happy if you decide to come back."

his mom let him go. his big brother was really concerned about this response, but the rest of the family went inside to allow 0 his chance to escape. after a few minutes, mom went outside to spy on him and make sure he didn't get too far down the road. she found his scooter and helmet hiding behind the gate in the back fence. she then went out back to find him, give him a hug and tell him she's glad he's home. and that everyone, at some point in life, wants to run away.

and by the way, if you know this kid, you can't breathe a word of this story to him!


Laura said...

My only run away experience was when I babysat these two really bad kids who got on their bikes so they could run away to Florida and buy Ninja turtles. They were dead serious, and I had to run after them down the street and grab hold of their handle bars to get them to come back.

Gene has a funny run away story. Maybe I can get him to post it here.

Angie Davis said...

i love that you let him go, and welcomed him back with loving arms.
that tender heart.

terriblespeller said...

Sweet and cute!

I ran away one time. I hid under my bed. My mom came in my room and said, "It's time for dinner, just out from under your bed!" I was so bummed, I really wanted her to think I was gone for good ... it's hard to trick a mom.

Our Family of Five said...

This was so adorable. :)

keri said...

such a cute story. i'm curious to know why he wanted to do it?

Angie Davis said...

i guess "running away" at 5 years old is different from sneaking out of the house at 14, right? but, if little o-ster decides to try the latter, later in life, you can always take my parents approach - lock all doors and windows and make your child ring the doorbell to get back in.

Jean Joiner said...

what a cute story. i definitely remember "running away" to main street village. i think i bought some candy at the pharmacy and came home. :)