more night life.

sometimes our schedule can seem so rushed (especially from dinner until bedtime) that it can be hard to make ourselves stop and relax with the kids. but we need to. and the kids need us to.

tonight we played hide and seek. the kids were so excited that we played and they were so cute as well. abigail kept us laughing. when whoever was "it" was counting, she would hide in that same room usually just a few feet away. if the counter was on the bed, abigail would hide behind the door, before they even started counting. another time, oliver (who asked to be "it" the whole game) was counting in nic's room and abi hid in nic's closet exactly where i had his the previous round. i think she just loved walking around with oliver so she wanted to be found.

our kids learned a hide-n-seek trick from friends that you can call out, "kitty cat clue" while you're playing. when you say it, those hiding need to respond with a "meow." so tonight, the way it went was that oliver would count, find abigail immediately, and then search for the rest of us. he would call out, "kitty-cat clue!" and wait for the answers, but inevitably, abi, his little echo would call out, "kitty-cat clue!" right when everyone would "meow." he would get so frustrated at her!
we all had a great time and it can be so addictive to see their smiles and hear their laughter!


terriblespeller said...

you are one brave woman. 4 kids and a big white bed. I guess with white you can always bleach it, right?

seriously though, you guys are too too cute!

Jean Joiner said...

very cute photos...in the first one i was trying to figure out why abi's bottom part of her pj's were blue and then i realized that it was oliver's leg. :) it looks like you guys should play twister.

keri said...

definitely fun family times to remember!

Our Family of Five said...

Very fun! :) And I had never heard of the 'kitty cat clue' before. Blessings to you, Lynn

JMom said...

Don't you just love those moments? Giggles are the sweet music that help us through the other times.

Promise Christian Academy said...

Hide and seek is a family favorite of ours... I used to play with my mom a lot, so it came natural to me to play with the kids! Their goal is to find the perfect hiding spot! They have learned to CLIMB!
Hilda Rebecca