i can't believe he's seven months already.
i really don't think i could love this kid any more than i do!!
and i'm not the only one. we all can't stop kissing him.
so happy 7 months to you mr. elliot!

oh, and elliot decided before he turned another month older
that he would learn how to crawl
and grow two teeth.


Dado & Papa said...

Thanks for sending Mr. Elliot to us this morning. He is just darling.

Lizard said...

The drool-I LOVE the drool.

Angie Davis said...

is brian teaching him how to do pushups? (picture 1)
such a cutie.

terriblespeller said...

he is a cutie!

keri said...

i love that his pacy is the dangling carrot!! kate, i sooo wish you lived closer so i could love on him!!

Jean Joiner said...

i wish i was there to give him a tight squeeze. i wonder how he'll do with the stairs at our house...maybe time to break out the baby gates! :) we're praying for you guys and love you.

jess said...

he looks like he would be the recipient of many, many kisses-wish i could love on him, too!

Our Family of Five said...

He's beautiful! Happy seven months! :)

My baby is 18 months and we're on day four of the 'no more pacy' campaign. Ugh.... it's been hard. I'm asking my husband, "Can't she just keep it until she's twelve or something??"