tatoos make you tough.

he's getting too old for pictures in the bathtub, but i thought i'd squeeze in one more set before i stop.
he's just so darn cute when he's tough.


The Hiatt Family said...

Love the tats! Carver currently has four on the same arm...nice. Two from the police department and two from the sandwich shop we frequent. He presses them and 'talks' to his friends about important 'missions'. :)

Angie Davis said...

so tough, but so cute. glad he let you squeeze more in.
i love how photography lets you see things in a new way. bet you didn't care for your blue tub, but it made a great photograph!

Our Family of Five said...

I know what you mean. They grow up so fast. God bless.

keri said...

he should be on LA ink.