reading lesson.

what do you get when you have a new lens (50mm), a really fun kid, and a silly book?
oliver has been wanting to read Ten Apples Up On Top to me since yesterday. we finally found the time today, but couldn't resist trying what the book shows out for ourselves as well. we wanted to see how many apples we could really stack up.

i'd say two is pretty darn impressive!
think you can beat us?
i love that kid!


april b said...

these pics are really good! :)

Jean Joiner said...

love the photos...man what beautiful eyes!

jess said...

i love that grin on #3!

Dado said...

There aren't even words to say how CUTE this is! Dr. Seuss himself wld be proud!
PS...#3!! I treasure that sweet baby face. Once he loses a tooth, it's a big boy face!!

keri said...

yay! you got your new lense! these pics are adorable...love that o. and we love that book too! we haven't attempted the actual apples on the head...but maybe we just will...it's ON.