e11even months. oh my.

first steps were taken yesterday.
i think he wanted to make his 35 year old daddy proud.
so now the drool can get where it's going even faster!

one short month from now and he will be one year old!!
wish you all could know this little love i have!


Dado said...

Oh My!

blog headers said...

i'm in love with this photo...(and your boy!!) it looks like he is soaking in the amazement of life...give him kisses for me.

keri said...

um...'blog headers' is me...oops. i was signed into a different account. :)

Lizard said...

Sweet, sweet little Bulldog-you are the cutest and slobberiest baby I know! So fun to see you take steps and try to pull Mei Mei over!

Jean Joiner said...

what an adorable boy...give him a big squeeze for me. :)

Angie Davis said...

oh, i wish i could see those bright eyes for myself. has it really been nearly a year?!