making a change.

sometimes i'm afraid of making a change.
i stand on the ledge looking down...
wondering what will happen if i jump in.

i can fear big things...
like moving across our country.
like switching from homeschooling to our neighborhood school.
like trying to live my dream of being a photographer.
but then, i jump in.
and it makes the other decisions seem smaller~
like a haircut, hypothetically.

after the decisions are reached, i realize it's okay.
like Someone has gone before me.
and that there is a community around me.
or that failure isn't the end of the world.
~or~ that it's only hair.
and it grows back.

it's probably the shortest haircut i've had~
it was the only way i could kill the constant ponytail.

oh, and always let your kids jump on your bed.


MaryMartha said...

whoa...i love it! VERY CUTE haircut and very cool pictures
I'm so excited your living the dream!

jess said...

these shots are very cool. is there any haircut that you can get that doesn't look good??? i like this one, too!

keri said...

what happened to my private sneak peek through email? kate...its adorable!! it really looks good on you, despite what oliver thinks! it looks like it might be easy to maintain...is it? and i too, love the photos with abi in the background, and your words flow perfectly with the shots.
and i'm so proud...of YOU! :)

Casey said...

some of my favorite pictures.

and haircut.

Jean Joiner said...

love the hair...makes me wish mine where shorter. i'm scared to get it cut while i'm preggo though.

i love your top too...very cute. jumping on the bed is fun!

Dado said...

Ab-so-lute-ly adorable! You and your photo-log! (Is your assistant getting paid by the jump?)
You know what happened when you blogged your last haircut...
I had to come to CA & get one tooooo!

Angie Davis said...

i'm so glad you posted, ALL of this. so light-hearted and fun, but so deep and vulnerable as well. are you writing about you, or me? ;)
love love love the pics.......love the cut! i'd say its a bigger decision than moving across the country - and it was a good one. it really looks great on you.

april said...

LOVE the cut. I'm choppping mine off in March and I am scared to death. I don't know why...I've had short hair before....What in the world?

The Hiatt Family said...

First off, I love your haircut; it looks beautiful. Secondly, thanks for saying that that I should let my kids jump on the bed. I always say no, but for no terribly good reason. Being little is but for a short time, isn't it? I'll email if we all end up in the ER, but for now we're jumping! Thanks for the encouragement.

wisch. said...

you are always so pretty. and you are getting mighty good with those pictures of yours. i love you.

kelly rae said...

"sometimes i'm afraid of making a change.
i stand on the ledge looking down...
wondering what will happen if i jump in."

what will happen is this: you won't fall down when you jump. instead, you'll fall up. you'll fly. wings and all.

chickadee said...

your hair looks great. love all your beautiful pictures here.