bookblog club

the book club is full! we are 17 strong!! thanks everyone who jumped in there to do this with me... i'm sure it will be a fun experience for all of us.

let me know if you have interest, but the timing was wrong...

Okay, here are the details for those of you who have said they want to participate in an on-line book club:

1. Let me know if you change your mind asap.

2. Buy the book RIGHT NOW if you don't have it. ($10.19 on amazon.com)

3. The general expectations of this group would be that you read the book at a steady pace~ a chapter a week, post something to the group about each chapter, and comment/encourage one another on each other's posts. (we're not going to excommunicate you if you struggle keeping up, all of our lives are busy~ I'm just asking that you try.)

4. The bookblog club will be private. Only the participants will have access to read the blog. I'm committed to providing a safe place to discuss, vent, learn, process, etc. I feel that this issue is too heated to open it up to the general lurking public. ;) (This also protects us from from trying to be perfectionistic about what we say/how we say it. My hope isn't to have profound thoughts necessarily, but to work out our personal experiences and theology.) If you desire to post some things that you are personally learning on your own blog, that would be great, but we will not be allowed to post what others say unless we have permission.

5. If you are considering joining the group, but haven't said anything, there is still time. Just let me know. Anyone is welcome!

6. Email me at prentiss.kate@gmail.com so that I can send you the tools to get into the site.

I'm really looking forward to hearing from you all soon! I think this could be a really exciting way to connect to one another no matter where we live! All I ask is that you come willing to be open about yourself and open to learn from each other. Thanks so much for participating!!


brian prentiss said...

can non-chauvinistic boys join?

keri said...

i'm in...i just never responded to the post below. i thought all your thoughts were great and i'd love to join in on the discussion. do you need a new blog header for the new book blog? ha ha ha.

keri said...

i posted about it too...maybe some of my friends will join in :)

jessica said...

can i just get y'all to read the book for me and tell me about? can i be a lurker on book club blog? pleeease :)

katie said...

sorry guys. no lurkers. i'm firm on wanting everyone IN the discussion, not just reading the discussion.
please don't feel un-loved!!

Jean Joiner said...

i just bought mine for $5.75 plus shipping on ebay, in case anyone is interested.

keri said...

it's 2.99 on cbd.com!

lauren said...

thanks jean! i had it in my amazon cart for $11+ shipping!