my brother's family

it's weird.
my brother has three kids.
wasn't it just the other day that we were staying up late
helping each other figure out what to wear to the first day of school?
or crying over a lost high school love? (or lack of...)

now, look at us:
mid-thirties, multiple kids, and spouses that have
taken over in meeting our need for late night counsel...

this is his newest son, kayne:
aiden, kayne, and lani

i love watching shelby mother her children.
she works so tirelessly.
lani is one of the most beautiful girls around.
she is so responsible and helpful.
this is the group of them:
it's perfect that aiden is making a face.
i can't remember any family photo we tried to take
growing up that andy didn't intentionally ruin with a silly expression.
(thankfully, andy met shelby.
she puts up with him beautifully.)
and in some ways, he is exactly the same.
in others, he is totally different.

he is able to make me belly laugh by hardly trying
and make me tear up just as easily over love for him.
i miss those old days~
the laughing, crying, fighting, bonding.
i guess that's why i'll pack up my own herd of children
and travel across the country to visit~
so that i'll have more "old days" to miss.

thanks for hosting us!!


JMom said...

Precious post. It was so fun for me to see Shelby & Andy again. Where are they now? Still in our hometown?

JMom said...

Nevermind. I just read Atlanta in the next post. :-) I am 'a bit behind.'

Jean Joiner said...

Great to see the photos you chose to post and to hear your perspective on your relationship with Andy growing up.

keri said...

wow...he is looking like your dad. i always liked being around you and andy...ya'll are so funny and goofy together. he has a precious family.

Angie Davis said...

i loved seeing these, and hearing you reminisce. so sweet.

wisch. said...

that andy. all grown up. wow. his family is lovely. and you did a nice job with the photos.

The Hiatt Family said...

So fun to see Andy's family...and encouraging to see how close you remain. It gives me hope for these often fussy brother/sister days we have too often!

Todd and Randi said...

What a sweet post! I am happy to hear that Andy is doing so well. He has a beautiful family.