typical males.

when daddy gets home,
they pile on.
i wait so patiently to talk to MY husband on the sidelines.
because i'm really patient.
and nice.
and i never, ever yell at my kids. wink, wink.
except maybe if they tried to all climb on me at once like they do to him.

abigail is usually mixed up in this too, but not at this moment...
sometimes i even get mixed up in it.
but for the most part, i'm just happy watching them be so happy...

which is just another reason i call it happy hour.


Jean Joiner said...

man i love when daddy gets home...especically today. very cute photos. miss you guys terribly and wishing we lived closer.

Lizard said...

And we all know the other happy hour. : )

The Hiatt Family said...

We have the same scene at our home...although I am usually on the side lines saying, "Can I PLEASE talk to Daddy for 3 minutes?!" Not so patiently! :)

Abbie said...

Cute photos.

That is indeed a very special time of day. Our children go crazy with excitement when they hear Daddy's car pull into the driveway. :-)