tooth fairy

who thought it was a good idea to tell our kids to put their teeth under their pillows so that we could give them money and pretend that a tooth fairy was doing it?? seriously. i need to know who did this. it's not working so well for us.

don't get me wrong. i love the fairy tale aspect of it... the twinkling wonder in my kid's eye... the belief that it may be possible... the imagination of how that would all work...it just seems cute and fun to me. so we enacted the drama when nic lost his tooth and now the course of "what to do when a prentiss kid loses a tooth" is set.

oliver lost his first tooth a few days ago. he was thrilled.
i heard nic in the other room instructing him on how it all goes down:
write a note to the tooth fairy.
put it in an envelope with your tooth under your pillow.
hope to see money in the am.
(she did forget nic's tooth~ more than once.)

so, as you see in the picture oliver drew, that is him sleeping in his bed with his dresser and bunk bed and well wishes to that sweet little tooth fairy with some sort of magic fairy dust floating around her.
and did you notice the arrow?
pointing to the tooth/envelope??

just in case she needed a little help.

apparently. she did.
d@#n her. another tooth hidden~ another tooth forgotten.
oliver woke up saying in the saddest little charlie brown voice, "oh. she forgot. there is no money." he walked into our bedroom with his shoulders slumped and showed us the unopened envelope.
we have done far worse things as parents than this, but man, we really felt bad for this one.

and now, our cover is completely blown.
our boys TOTALLY suspect that it's just us dropping the bills into the envelope instead of a magic little fairy... it may have something to do with the time b wrote a note back "from the toothfairy" in his own handwriting... or it could be a real statement of how unreliable they think their parents are. (if the tooth fairy was real, she wouldn't forget children... but maybe my parents would...)

poor children of ours. maybe i'll tell the younger ones that it takes the tooth fairy a week to get to all the teeth usually... that they should put it under their pillow night after night until she flies by their window...
maybe that would work.... ;)
maybe you should all tell your children that so that my children will think it's true!


April Brown said...

Oh, the sadness that I remember feeling when I found ALL of the teeth the "tooth fairy" had collected in my parents' nightstand!! It's all coming back to me now!!

Amanda said...

this the grossest tradition EVER. teeth under pillows should not happen.

april - my parents kept the teeth, too. why??

keri said...

so does santa forget to come to your house too? :)

God gives grace to tooth fairies too! :)

Jean Joiner said...

sad...maybe just tell them that the tooth fairy is still trying to figure out the time change since you moved to the west coast.

Angie Davis said...

the prentiss family cracks me up. oliver's picture is too cute!
i don't know about your kids, but I at least, would give a whole lotta' grace to the tooth fairy!

Karen Bowers said...

oh,katie, btdt. you've got 2 more kids to disenchant.

Jodi Worlow said...

We have done the same thing on several occasions ... usually our tooth fairy does leave a note. Just our pathetic attempt to appease the children. Anna Claire's last tooth accidently got thrown away before the tooth fairy even had a chance to give her any money...oops. That crazy tooth fairy still has not paid her for that one. Maybe she will come tonight.