moving on...

we have 6 days left until this house is no longer our home.

it's starting to sink in.

we are packing up to leave, and the house is rapidly returning to it's impersonal state. my head is spinning most most of the time as i try to keep up with everything that needs to happen in the next few days. i wanted to take pictures of the things that made me fall in love with this house and show you the things i would gladly say goodbye to. i thought that would be a fun post to share...but the boxes started getting full, the pictures were down off the walls and i had to admit that there just wasn't time.

and there is not time for other things as well. there is not enough time to say goodbye slowly... or to stop and ponder the wealth that God has brought us through this place. but, soon the boxes will be loaded on to a truck (or pod?), the house will be clean and ready for new life and the keys will be returned. and i think after we lock the doors here, i will always look back with so much gratitude~ perhaps even awe over the goodness found here.

we are about to be homeless for a while. it's a strange feeling, but i think it's good for my soul as well... it reminds me of how short life is and confronts me once again with my faith that says, "this is not my home." i was totally comfortable to stay here for the long haul, but God had different plans for us. over and over again, he teaches me that he is my home~ the "place" that i am to settle.
i'm far from learning that, but the chapters i'm moving through are at least pushing me a little closer to that truth.

so we go.
we'll find another city in which we'll dwell and a house that we will color as our own home.
i am really really looking forward to seeing that come to life, but for today, there are tears in my eyes.

(images were taken on a typical morning... music playing from the keyboard and kids dancing around in their pjs...)


jessica said...

it is hard to leave a place with so many memories!
where are y'all gonna go?

Peggy Chen said...

waaah (me crying inside). holler if you want to drop off a child or two.

Karen Bowers said...

i'm glad you're still around here even if you're homeless. change is such a strange process.

Amstr said...

Likewise about the dropping kids off. We're free Mon-Thurs. mornings and would love to play with the little ones while you pack! (Anne-Marie)

Jean Joiner said...

feel free to fly a kid or two to atlanta :) i'm sorry you're having to pack up. i can't imagine all the dear friends you'll be saying goodbye to. tearing up now.

love you!!

emilymr said...

We'll miss you. :(

Angie Davis said...

i'm thinking about how i saw the house before you did and told you that you would love it, then worried you wouldn't. so happy you did. it was beautifully colored with life - even if the walls were not :)

I've been encouraged over and over again by how you guys have lived out your 'roots' being in Christ. he loves you guys so much! can't wait to see how he shows you that in the next place.

elliot reminds me of charlie in these pictures!

Dado said...

I too am thankful for this beautiful home and the sweet community God gave you to enjoy these last few years. I am also thankful for the sweet, sweet memories of all the time you let me enjoy there with you. You loved well and were well loved!

keri said...

i'm so sad for you. i know how much you are going to miss mtn view...your dear friends, your home, your neighbors...its a place that won't be the same without the prentiss family.

love those pictures...love those kids!

mary jacobus said...

do you want to live in our house in memphis until you find your next soft place to land?? let me know. you are welcome to it. it loves kids and kids love it. you are on my mind a lot. transitions...fun?!?

Jodi Worlow said...

Can't wait to see what God has in store for you! Loved seeing your typical morning... it looks a lot like mine.

The Terrells said...

excited for the fun ahead but know it must be so hard to leave all the memories and life you have experienced in CA!!! hope it is a good transition!! I love the crying pic of elliott!!! love you

Amanda said...

I know this is probably a dumb question, but do you have a place to go? Just no permanent/definite place?

Abbie said...

my goodness, what lovely photography.
pardon my googling you and finding your blog, but I just wanted to say: we are so excited that you guys will be coming to portland. we are praying that the house you find will be as homey as the last. can't wait to have you here, and hope your time in the south is a good period of r&r before the big heave-ho.
--Abbie Nelson (... of the wednesday night get-together in portland 2 weeks ago)

Dado said...

I am missing your blog so much, so I have been visiting the past. And I do love this past.

After reading "movin' on" again....all of a sudden...it's the future!
From the week you arrived in the next leg of this journey, many unknowns have been unveiled & beautiful provisions were revealed. This week, the unknowns of "movin' on" are taking actual shape. You are closing on YOUR house. You are moving into YOUR house! What joy! God has blessed you ALL w/ loving friends (the P's have new friends already??? Who's surprised at that??!??!)and your husband is "doing what he was meant to do" (everyone say "AWWWW").

KT...we are all soo happy for you but more than that, your open journey has been a witness of God's provision for His children. He went before you to Portland. He has put the soles of your feet (all 12 of them) in a soft place and we have all been blessed by being allowed to share this journey w/ you.

NOW...when you can get to that new blog entry.....Movin' In...maybe??