to do:

1. hang pictures~
lots of them. everywhere.
smiling faces, happy places and people we love.
2. laundry~
oh, the laundry... the never ending piling of
dirty smelly clothes.
sort. wash. fold. put away. repeat.
until you die.
(not to be negative or anything.)
3. rent a bulldozer~
(or maybe dynamite?)
for the toys and clutter oozing out of
the kids rooms and into the hallway.
4. enjoy having four kids~
we haven't made tons of friends yet...
so it's great that they have one another.
and thankfully, their friendship with one another has been blossoming.
5. find a home for all the pretty little things~
most of my surface space looks like this. eeek!
6. build new bookshelves?
i'm considering built-ins. we have more books than
we have bookshelves. and we ALL know that getting rid
of books is NOT an option.
(okay, except maybe the american literature anthology below.)
7. did i mention we have clutter?
i keep ignoring this cesspool and it doesn't go away.
what's the deal? doesn't that work?
so. there you have it folks.
when i have a second in my day, this is the list of things i'm considering tackling.
overall, the process of moving here has been amazing mostly due to
how serving our church community has been. so many people have helped us
move in, paint, get settled, paint, paint, and paint some more.
we are VERY close to having the entire main floor painted!!
(which means, i'm running out of excuses to deal with the above!)
(if any of you who have helped us read this, THANK YOU!!)


Dado said...

The laundry lady is on her way!!

Amanda said...

I am just getting out of that phase w/ our move...and we've been in this house for almost 2 months. How sad is that? We haven't hung the first thing on the wall yet, and I think I have about two "decorations" in their permanent (or what I think right now is permanent anyway) home. And our basement is still a mess. Oh, and we can't park (almost can't WALK THROUGH) the garage for all the empty boxes!!

Jodi said...

I love that you are back! Can't wait to read all about your exciting times to come. Oh, We just threw away Mike's literature books too. You can really only keep them for so long!

keri said...

well you have an amazing way of making even your clutter look pretty with your photography. :) well done.

and where oh where are those pretty little silhouettes going to find a home!? :)

Kellie said...

Have you ever heard of FlyLady? You can google her site. Her system helps me keep Mount Washmore (the laundry) at bay and keep the clutter out of our apartment. In the How To Get Started section you can sign up for her yahoo group.

It's not for everyone, but it works for this mom of two who lives a very active life in China.

Jean Joiner said...

can't wait to see it all in person! :)