just a day.

late rising.
newspaper and coffee.
cartoons and games.

just a day.
a normal day.

nic had baseball practice.
we decided to all go...
get out of the always-needing-things-from-us house.
we played in the outsides' blues and greens for a while.
i wore flip-flops for the first time this year.

we spun and swirled.
some of our feet barely touched the ground.

we came to play.
to share some time.
and some food.
for one of us, there was a goal.
we packed a tiny little bike
without it's training wheels.

my tiny little girl was going to learn to ride.
before her next birthday
before her next bike.

while sitting on the bike,
her feet could touch the ground.

she glided.
she got her balance.
she put her feet where they are supposed to go.
and she rode.
and then she smiled~
really, really big.
i decided that day could be hers.
she owned it.

abigail's day.

oliver tried to help,
in his own special way.
so did elliot.
her brothers are so supportive. ;)
she continued
with the bike and the pavement.
acing the new experience.

elliot was better entertained by flight.
in a bucket swing.

it's one of the few places he'll actually sit for a while.
that kinda makes us all happy.
then he slid.
one more time.
one hundred times.

have you had one of these sorta days recently?
nothing too out of the ordinary.
but so good for the soul.

i think about these all the time.
how these are the days that fill up our lives with our kids.
then our days are done.
i will miss having these moments when they move on.
or when they are too old to want them.
(i know i'm way too sentimental!)

but for now,
i'm giving thanks.
recording them and remembering.


jess said...

beautiful, kate.
i think the same things a lot these days...in the midst of the crazy marathon our Spring is becoming (and becomes each year, it seems), these days are so very sweet.

Angie Davis said...

no - your not too sentimental. just lovely. and so was this day. i'm glad to hear that in your busy lives, you have these days.

can't believe abi is riding a bike. the pic of her face is almost as adorable as the face itself.

fab fotog!

peggyc said...


Betsy Huey said...

Katie, I'm smiling after reading your blog. You have a beautiful family.

I loved meeting you on our women's retreat. In fact, I told a friend how great your talks were and she wanted to hear the cds (Jean just told me that unfortunately, we didn't record the talks). Thanks again for putting the time and effort and sharing yourself with us.

All the best,