a promised sneak peak (and story) for the most patient clients.

once upon a time,
a husband and wife wanted to have a baby.
but try as they may,
they pretty quickly realized that they couldn't control that or make it happen.
they prayed and waited and longed for years.
hoping God would give them the desires of their hearts.

he did in the most beautiful way:

and they thought that would be their story.
that having kids would be difficult.
and maybe they'd just have this one.

but very soon after,
they were met with a great surprise:

and while they felt they had everything they could have hoped for,
they secretly wished for another child.
they doubted their desires
because they had been given two wonderful children already,
but the longing did not go away.

the ability to give themselves another child
obviously wasn't theirs again.
and the longing returned.
the prayers.
the waiting.
the hoping...
and the fears of not having.

and then
God gave them the desires of their hearts once more
in the sweetest of ways:

they were happy.

a surprise was coming
to them
 and now.

they are happily overwhelmed
with the presence of four children
they like to call
"the wonderfuls."

 (more to come... from number 6 and 7 from CA sessions...)


Jean Joiner said...

love it!

Dado said...

Oh so beautiful.

April Brown said...

ok...that made me cry! Their "wonderfuls" are beautiful!

Angie Davis said...

oh, i didn't know they had FOUR now! i love their story. so glad you captured it for them.

Michelle Repolles said...

so very sweet!