happy summer.

today, i'm happily working from home
while brian takes the kids to the store and a movie.
(i'm so thankful for him.)

while i'm uploading, creating and organizing my work,
i wanted to wish you all a happy summer.
we're in the thick of it~
loving the sun,
the freedom in our schedule,
the loads of popsicles,
and as much friend time and water play we can take.

this photo above was taken on what felt like one of the first days of summer around here.
we had two friends staying with us
and we all ventured down to portland's

this photo reminds me why i LOVE kids.
have you ever seen an adult cross the street with this much enthusiasm??
i mean really.

here are a few more from the day:
happy summer.
go get wet.


Anonymous said...
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Jean Joiner said...

can't wait!

travelingstacey said...

I love the pictures! Especially the one with her flip flop flying off! That looks like a lot of fun!