our family birthday drills:

throw some decorations together.
a scraggly banner,
a few balloons,
and a homemade sign.
make the birthday boy some breakfast in bed.
with one candle.
line up outside of their room,
in pjs
with morning breath and bedhead hair.
sing happy birthday.
video tape.
snap lots of funny pictures.
and then stare at the birthday boy while he eats.
(some of us ask for some of his food.)
one of the kids usually takes this classic shot above.
it almost always looks this good.
(you should be thankful it's a little blurry.)

comes running down the steps.
a favorite among the short people who live here...

there are little notes on many of the steps.
all shouting to the birthday kid
how old they are
and how loved they are.
we have presents:
in oliver's case, we have ONE main present.
so we thought he should work for it on a scavenger hunt.

HERE is what is happening in this series of pics:
1. big box containing one small paper with the first clue.
2. unwrap.
3. reading first clue directing him to front door.
4. front door clue directing him downstairs
5. downstairs dangling clue.
6. directing him to johnny cash in dad's office.
7. cash clue directing him to dishwasher.
8. dishwasher clue directing him to attic.
9. attic directing him to keys.
10. then car.
11. then gift.
12. bringing in the loot.
13. unwrapping glee.
14. dad hogging the wii for himself. ;)

all of it took about 8 minutes.

and... this is how it's done in our home
on the morning of your birthday
six times a year.

(i haven't shared january, march, and may yet!!)

(what are your birthday traditions?)


Cara said...

LOVE it! We'll have to borrow those ideas when we have kids. Miss you guys!

keri said...

love your traditions. can i have my birthday at your house this year?
(and i thought you already had a wii...?)

Angie Davis said...

oh so happy to get a glimpse into this day (and your house! more please.)!

i've taken on the idea of a candle in breakfast too. thanks.

Jean Joiner said...

happiest of b-days to oliver! love the traditions. we're still nailing ours down...but usually we have doughnuts in the morning at least. :)

Sarah Slaven said...

Birthdays look fun at your house. I love the running down the stairs part looks lkike fun