crafters are winners.

and one of you is a winner too.

allison... lucky number 11... is the winner of the weepies, be my thrill.
i hope you love it as much as i do!!
(i love giving away little prizes... so much fun.
email me at prentiss.kate@gmail.com and give me your address!!)


now on to crafting. (or maybe i should say sewing?)
i'm not sure what has gotten into me.

but i'm going a little crazy with the desire to make things.
here is my list so far:

1. a quilt for elliot's bed.
inspired by this fabric that i just found at bolt on alberta in portland:

from birch fabrics: circa50

wish i could get some of this too:
(it feels very much like the vehicles we see everyday in portland.)

this site has given me TONS of inspiration to make the quilt... fresh lemon quilts.
she has so many to see and love.
specifically, i love this one:
and the back is equally lovely:
i think you get the idea of what i'm going for...
something simple and modern and super fun.

maybe, just maybe, i might actually pull this thing off.
though, i'll be honest.
it does overwhelm me a little.
and i did have a hard time going to sleep last night because i was afraid of cutting fabric in a way that i'd regret. (i know that is a really lame thing to be restless over.)

my friend keri just came to portland and i bought all the other fabrics i'd need. (thanks!)

now i just need the confidence to go for it!

2. a wreath for my front door.
and maybe another for inside somewhere.

can someone explain why wreaths are so awesome?
i mean, i really love what i see, but wonder why i do.
it's a circle.
with stuff glued or wrapped or stuck on it. why do they look so cute?! and welcoming?
and awesome?

here are the wreaths i'm wanting to make:
first from delia creates:
there's that sweet yellow.
another from pretty poppy:
only in a yummy vanilla.
i have no idea what color to do this in... i have a black front door... with some funky green accents on my porch. i think red would be beautiful for christmas. but for fall... hmmmm.

and just when i was getting comfortable with a little rosie wreath, i see this from celebrate yellow made:
a wreath made with acorns:
or painted:
or i guess i really could just use beans like all things thrifty:
am i crazy? are these as cute as i think they are??

the funny thing is that i got on this wreath kick because of another sewing project i'd like to try.

3. my friend liz has made this for her daughter.
and i asked her for the directions. again from celebrate yellow made:
a shirt dress tutorial.
i don't know if i can do it... but how cute is that? i think there is one thousand variations too.
i'm imagining some sort of wool or think man's shirt turned into a jumper for the fall/winter.
my little darling is six and i've yet to ever sew some clothes for her. i REALLY want to do this one.

and lastly.

4. pillows.
i want new pillows everywhere.
okay, really just my bedroom and for my couches...
i've got some fabric, but i want to do creative stuff like some of these.
or maybe you have other pillow makers you could show me?

i can't wait to get started.
but i do get overwhelmed. 

will you all hold my hand and tell me i can do it??
i could use the encouragement.

make something with me! and show us when you do!

hope you all have a lovely week.
and i hope you didn't get too lost in all my links!


Jean Joiner said...

i'm so impressed! what cute things. i hate even sewing hems. the wreaths i might could pull off though. :)

Karen Bowers said...

go take on one of these challenges, and then keep on going!

i just finished "thousand miles." what a good process/read. i can see why you wanted to have a book club for it. it's made me want to do that, too.

keri said...

i think our 2 our fabric depot visit has sparked something in you. you are going crafty nuts! but you know i love it all. maybe you should start with setting up your crafting area first. :)

Laura said...

Hey Katie,
I've been interested in quilt making this past year but haven't really had a formal class. I found this book to be really helpful as I've learned how to correctly put together each part of the quilt. http://www.amazon.com/Quilters-Ultimate-Visual-Guide-Quiltmaking/dp/0875969879

P.S. You have a rotary cutter, right? A total must!

Allison said...

Thank you! Oh, this just made my day! I e-mailed you my address.

And I LOVE your wreath ideas...I've been trying to figure out something like that to make for our front door and that one with the acorns might be just the thing for us.

I can't sew, or I'd try to make one of those quilts along with you. Gorgeous!

keri said...

i meant to say "2 hour". and boo-yah...see, laura thinks you should have a rotary cutter too!!!! :) :) :)

Amstr said...

If you need some kindly motivation and encouragement, my friend Ginger over at Weiner Dog Tricks is a self-taught sewing mama, who, like you, finds it essential to be a maker in the midst of all the other stuff of life. (And believe it or not, she's as funny in person as she is in writing. I used to share an office with her when I taught at Cal Poly.)


jess said...

oh my word. i love these wreaths! maybe i'll get crafty with ya!!