not your typical valentine story.

once upon a time,
there was a very big brother who had a very little brother.

in fact, the big brother was seven years older 
than his little brother.
the big brother loved watching his little brother grow older
for almost four years. 
and while doing so,
a very big space grew in the big brother's heart 
that was reserved just for his little brother.

so on the big brother's eleventh valentine's day,
he decided to make a very special card
for his little brother.
the kind of card that only brothers know
will make each other feel happy and loved.

a man-eating-monster-kind of card.

the little brother was thrilled to receive such a wonderful gift.
and he rose to the responsibility of keeping the monster fed.
he gladly placed the men into the monster's mouth
while they screamed, 
"NO, NO, NO...
heeeelllllllllllpppppppp meeeeeee."
and little brother smiled to himself
to hear the monster go,
"chomp, chomp, chomp."
and all the while,
a very big space grew in the little brother's heart
reserved especially for his very big brother.

the end.
of valentines. 
(and little pink men- forever.)


Susie said...


JMom said...

I agree...awesome!!!

Sarah Slaven said...

Oh wow doesn't that just make your heart melt.

Roni said...

This makes me smile.

Brian the Husband said...

I like his comment about his birthday party, "I want to vite you and Dad and Nic...but not Sissy or Oliver because sometimes dey are mean."

Jean Joiner said...

leonardo, the terrible monster. :)

precious post.

keri said...

awesomeness. where was this sweet big brother for all the picture taking?

no one you know said...

i love your narration of you blogs posts. sweet boys. kind of makes me want another kid.

kind of...