put a bird on it??

since moving to portland,
we've noticed the city wide push to
"keep portland weird."

i've insisted that we do
keep it weird by:
having four kids
going to church
having a minister as a dad/husband
not having any tatoos
and no artificial hair color (currently for me).
(among other things)

but i guess "keeping portland weird"
actually means trying to fit into the counter culture that exists here.

and we love some of those aspects of this counter culture
and are totally willing to try.

like having chickens
in the middle of an urban area.

last night, brian brought one up and we all gathered around.
after seeing this picture, 
i couldn't help but think of PORTLANDIA's

maybe you've all seen it.
but it's hilarious.

and i still love cute things with birds on them.
especially that guy above.
so there.



amy & ashley said...

LOVE Portlandia. So funny.

and this year, hedgehogs are big, so put a hedgehog on it.


jess said...

BAHAHAHA! loved put a bird on it :)
those chicks are so cute!!!

ruth said...

you guys are the cutest!

keri said...

i saw that video a few weeks ago and totally laughed out loud. so funny. i want more chick pics. that little guy needs to be in more pictures. so fun.