the sisters.

there is a new sorority in town:
and believe me, membership is exclusive.
the girls are kinda gossipy anyway.
and they have a really strict pecking order.
if you don't obey the rules,
they easily get their feathers ruffled.
and they have all sorts of secret line dances and stuff.
(not to mention, they eat weird food
and produce a lot of poop.)
at least, they're pretty to look at. 

we've had the sisters in our home for almost two weeks now.
so far so good.

we're still working on getting a sorority house built.
the girls will be happy to have their own home, i'm sure.

given the fact that we have three boys out of four kids,
the girls have pretty tough names:
cutie (not so tough)
glass-chick (from the three year old.)

i would have named them:
dawn, suzanne, bea, and lynn.
(taken from very dear friend's middle names!)

ps. i'm not making fun of sororities here.
just trying to be annoyingly clever.

anyone else have chicken puns they'd like to add??

cluck, cluck~ kp


Karen Bowers said...

Our family would like to know which chick has which name. Please. Urgently needed information.

Angie Davis said...

awe, thanks for naming (or wanting to...) one of the sisters after me. at least i don't think any other friend would have been blessed with such a name?

love you, and all your peeps.

Jean Joiner said...

your house is seriously a chicken coup now. :)

keri said...

too bad wendi doesn't have a middle name. and too bad my middle name has no "e" on the end (like amy's does). cluck cluck.

Sarah Slaven said...

oh how sweet. I would give them your names as well as the boys
Killer Dawn
Thunder Suzanne
Cutie Bea
Glass-Chick Lynn

katie said...

good ideas sarah! ;)

karen, the big blond is cutie, the little blond is thunder,
brown/black is killer, and all black is glass-chick.
i think. ;)

Barrett Batson said...

Your very own fresh eggs with big ol' orange yolks... mmm. Have you checked out the eglus (https://www.omlet.us/shop/shop.php?cat=Eglu)? Guess you'll have to subscribe to Backyard Poultry now. Cluck.