california. a p(re)view.

i flew home on saturday evening from a quick work trip to ca.
i was flipping through the photos from the few sessions i did while there.
(smiling the whole time.)

and this one jumped out at me.
my friend.
a beautiful mother.
while her adorable girls do their thing.
this picture inspires me as a mom.
to be able to laugh in the midst of everything
is a gift.

when i saw it, i felt it encapsulated everything about my time there:

working with beautiful people.
sunny and cheery.

i'm thankful i could go.
i'm thankful for clients.
i'm thankful for a job that i love.


Angie Davis said...

i would love this photo even if i didn't know them - it captures so much about them, but about motherhood as well. we must laugh, or life would make us crazy, huh?
laura! you look amazing! and love how all you girlies are styled. awesome.

Jean Joiner said...

love the photo...what vivid colors!

Dado said...

Laura....so good to see you and your adorable little ones.
YOU look fabulous and it looks as if you are feeling just as fabulous!!

Tell your wardrobe stylist that we like her work!

Daisy said...

I love this photo!

Renee said...

this photo is perfection!

KT said...

I love the orange and yellow accents. So perfect. H-H's always look so beautiful!