six of us | 4.24.11

plus one.
makes two.
plus one.
makes three.
plus one. 
makes four.
plus one.
makes five.
plus one.
makes us.
all six of us.
on a drizzly easter afternoon.
feeling cheery
and in the mood to celebrate.

this easter felt so full of joy.
hope yours did as well.


keri said...

i love all 1+1+1+1+1+1 of you (i had to recount those ones a couple times to make sure it was right :) you all look so pretty and handsome!

lara said...

I didn't even recognize Brian with the beard - thought that was his brother! Love your pics!

Dado said...

There is such a look of joy/surprise on all the kids' faces after picture #4 that, for a second, I thot you were adding all those one+ones to let us know there was going to be another ONE!
Everybody looks super pretty & handsome for Easter.

Jean Joiner said...

love it! where are abi's teeth?