happy friday | 9.2.11

is it really september?
i know many of you are already into the routine of school.

but we haven't started yet.
we start tuesday, after labor day.

i don't feel ready.

i'm not sure if it's the messy house,
or the busy sports schedule we entered into the last two weeks
(football, football, and soccer)
or that it took so long to warm up here so that it didn't feel like summer
most of the summer.

but i don't feel ready.

so, i'm browsing through photos from the last month or so
and finding that we did have great times together
and many special visits from dear ones this summer.
and that helps me feel a litte better.
i mean, really. how could you not feel better looking at these two?!

(elliot and his cousin camille.)

happy friday!! xo.


Jean Joiner said...

Camille and I like these pictures...Happy last Friday of summer! Love you.

Dado said...

Yes....Happy, Happy, Happy photos!
They are sooo cute together.
Enjoy your wkend.
All will be quiet in a few days.