our first morning off to school.

this year i wanted to capture more than a pose in front of the school.
so, i documented as much of the morning as i could.

our first day of school.
((sixth grade (and new school), fourth grade, and second grade))
(and now i'm home with that guy.)


joyknight said...

Where did you find that awesome lunch bag???

keri said...

oh. i loved seeing the whole morning from sleepy eyes to packing lunches to many pics of brian's butt...oh wait, i didn't enjoy that so much. haha. and so sweet that nic slept with abi last nite. looks like a busy morning. hope everyone had a great first day!

katie said...

joy~ it's called planetbox. i HIGHLY recommend it.
we got one last year and loved it, so this year i bought two more. so easy to pack and clean! (it's pricey though.)

caroline said...

What a great story through pictures! How did your children let you get those sleepy eyed pictures?? Love the lunch boxes. I saw them at the Container Store yesterday. Wondering if it is hard to fit lunch in the right containers every day? Hope the first day goes GREAT for the whole Prentiss crew. Nice to have a short week for the first week. Oh, and very impressive on the coffee and homemade bread. Can I come to your house for breakfast?

ballroomrose said...

Quite the fancy lunchbox! Nick that helmet should be on your head! Congrats on middle school! The colored photo with Oliver peering at you with that half smile on his face is fantastic!
Have fantastic school year!

Dado said...

THANK YOU, thank you, thank you!! We have been thinking about y'all ALLLLL day & wondering how the FIRST day went! Thank you for allowing us to be there from the first minute!

Now, one more pic w/ everyone making a face that "describes" their first day!

Oh, and LOVE the new blog title. Perfect for your camera eye and your soul's EYE.

Brian the Husband said...

Keri, let us know if you would like those photos in print. With Katie's new camera, she can blow up pictures really large

Cara said...


Jean Joiner said...

love this sneak peak. :) i like oliver's face in the wake up photo. i like nic's haircut a lot.

why is your alarm clock called a dream machine? isn't that ironic?