can we all win?

i would like to share with you (for hours if i could)
about some of the things swirling around my head.

i'm thinking about my business, my calling, my story.
and i may be right in the middle
 of watching those things morph together 
or into something else entirely.

i've been wanting more.
i've been wanting to give back more than i do.

recently, i saw this little "contest" created by blake mycoskie,
founder of TOMS shoes,
called Books for Bloggers.

basically, he wants to promote his book,
(we all promote something.)

the cool part of him promoting his book
is that like his other endeavors,
he's giving things away (his books and children's books).
AND his book is about giving more with your life/business!

so, i entered.
i wrote to them and shared why my blog should be selected for their program.
and guess what??

i recently got this in my email:

and then, a few days ago, i received my books in the mail.

so i'm now writing this post to you all to:
1. make you aware that this book giveaway will be happening right here on this blog. (stay tuned.)
2. my brain is on an idea roller coaster of how to do more with my business and life.

i expect the book giveaway will be happening in a week or so.
(i'm currently on chapter two.)
and i expect some real changes to be in the works for kpp.
(coming in 2012)

my photography business has been an incredible, life giving endeavor for me.
now i want to take that to the next level.
i'm excited.

and i do think we all can "win"
by being givers.
join me??


caroline said...

Wow! Congrats, Katie. That is wonderful. It is inspiring to think about giving through our greatest joys. Makes me think of that Buechner quote, 'Vocation is where our greatest passion meets the world’s greatest need.’

Dado said...

You've got me all a-flutter! Can't WAIT to hear ALLLL about it when you're here. I want to take a ride on that roller-coaster of ideas w/ you!
I am, as usual, SOOOO proud of YOU!

keri said...

so awesome. and very exciting.

Jessica said...

New ideas swirling is good. Morphing is good. The prospect of having more pictures by Katie Prentiss in the world is very very good. Looking foward to hearing all about the next exciting chapter...

Angie Davis said...

awesome. inspiring. excited!