georgia southern pecans.

we're enjoying a sunny warm day in georgia
on my dad's farm.
 he offered the kids one dollar a pound for pecans they picked up.
his method of getting them out of the tree:
 shake the limbs with the tractor.

the kids method of picking up the pecans:
 fast and furious.
any way they could.

they quickly filled the bucket.
which weighed twenty pounds.
 i have some happy kids now.
with five dollars each.
 the first house we ever owned in birmingham, alabama
had a huge pecan tree.

that tree was a good lesson on being a steward of the world around us.

we're off to ride some horses.
more later!

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keri said...

mmm..yummy pecans. i'm so happy you are in georgia. just having you many miles closer feels good :)