climbing up and down.

 round and round.
 then, down.

touring a tower at the house of dreams.
berry college | rome, georgia
i left my b up in the tower. do you see his tiny little head?
he entertained himself by throwing the football to his boys waaaaay down below.

this was one tiny sliver of one day visiting my college campus.
i just couldn't resist the beauty of those glorious rusty steps.

we're currently on our way to mobile, alabama to visit with b's family for a while. 
we're riding the megabus and saved tons of money not renting a car. YAY!
so, instead of staring straight ahead at the traffic, i'm posting a little something for you all.
two and a half hours to go!!


keri said...

oh!!! let's go baaaack!!! you should have gotten a pick of rusty on the rusty steps. duh.

Simony said...

Your pics are always so beautiful!
Have a happy and safe trip and a very wonderful Christmas!

katie said...

thanks simony!