happy friday | 4.20.12

happy friday everyone!
i was gone last weekend,
in california, 
doing photoshoots with five wonderful clients.

i've done a quick sweep through all of the photos
and as always, there are a few that are quick standouts.
i immediately love them.

they make me happy.
so i thought i'd give all of you a look.
one picture from each session:

spreckels lake, golden gate park | san francisco, ca.
 at home | sunnyvale, ca.
rose garden | san jose, ca. 
 at home | los altos, ca.
 rancho san antonio | los altos, ca.
thanks to all of you for meeting with me
and inviting me into your spaces and places~ 
can't wait to show you more!!

happy friday all.


BKicklighter said...

I wish you were near st. Louis because I would love to see my family through your camera lense. You are a wonderful talent.

katie said...

thanks becky! that would be a treat for sure... i know you people know how to have a good time!