special mother's day!

a fabulous mother's day special!!

here is the deal:
from today until Mother's Day,
book a mini session~
for yourself (this is a good idea!), your mom, your granny, your neighbor, your sister,
or your other brother's mother.

at a super low special rate.
(more than half off my normal mini session rates.)
(included in this session is a 15-20 minute photoshoot
in portland, or and one digital copy of a photo of your choice.)

here are two reasons why i'm doing this so low:
1) because i'm a mother.
and i love motherhood and i know you mom's out there are in the thick of it,
no matter what stage your children are in.
so it's like my special gift to you.

2) to prevent more of these things from happening:
(awkward matching.)
(dressing like cows)
(scary giant people showing up in your photo)
(um. i just can't say anything.)
(showing your dark side in the photo.)
(patriotic dance outfit pictures.)
(um. oh geez. i'm feeling really uncomfortable.)
(and so much shimmer!!)

these photos below were all taken from awkwardfamilyphotos.com.
it is a real fear of mine that someone will put one of my photos on there one day.
maybe i should get it over with and do it myself. ;)

you have five days to book this!!
(but can schedule anytime this 2012 year!)

i love you mom's out there that i've photographed... 
i see so much beauty in you!!
Happy Mother's Day... soon!!

1 comment:

keri said...

that 5th one is just down right scary. creepy. ick. and all of those are ridiculously weird. so funny.